Installing FJBot

These are the steps needed to run your own instance of FJBot.


If you’re only looking to invite the bot to your Discord server. Use the following link:

Clone Repository

This downloads a copy of the FJBot GitHub repository. This is the source code for the bot. You can go in to read, update, or add your own code if you’d like since you would be running your own instance.

$ git clone

Install Prerequisites

This bot uses the following Python packages:

  • mysqlclient
  • youtube_dl
  • tweepy
Installs all the above packages at once
$ pip install[voice] mysqlclient tweepy tweepy

Setup Configs

The Config module contains the access tokens to Discord and credentials to your database. It also has the list of cogs that should load upon startup.

See Config and just fill in the proper values.


  • You must have a Discord Bot account.
  • The Twitter bot account is not required.
  • The Chatango bot uses a regular account.

Initialize Database

This script creates the schema and tables required for saving user information. Without this, a majority of the FJBot’s functionality would not work, or the bot won’t start at all.


TODO: I haven’t created this yet.. sorry.