About MeΒΆ

First and foremost, thank you for visiting this page. I have spent countless hours working
on this bot. I've done entire rewrites until I created something I was satisfied with stable
to work on. I also did not document my code until it was too late. Then I had to spend a couple
days on how to properly document to make it compatible with Sphinx. So, again, thank you for spending
time for visiting this documentation.

I first learned how to program in college. There the only language taught was Java, but that was
enough to help me understand syntax and how languages differ from one another. After Java, I learned
C (which I'm sure I forgot how to use). Then I taught myself JavaScript, PHP, SQL and Python - along
with various markup languages.

After learning a handful of languages, I decided to create my own website. Not through a website
builder, but from scratch. I was way too stubborn and lazy to look into website builders and what is
out in the market at the time. I figured the best way to create my website is to open up a file with
`nano` and started building. I finally got to put one of my many RaspberryPis to work. What came out
of this was: https://fancyjesse.com

I did not advertise or promote my website much because everything was always a `work-in-progress`.
It was just something for myself, to prove that I can program and create a website if I wanted to. I
also did not wanted others to get the wrong impression that I can `design` websites. I am not a
web-designer at all and have very little interest in learning how to make websites look pretty
(thank you bootstrap for existing).

Through the years I somehow got back into watching wrestling. WWE, NJPW, AEW, Indies - loved all of
it.  I would watch PPVs through streaming websites. The website I would watch my stream in had a
Chatango chatroom on the side. That chat was pretty annoying, full of spam, and very very VERY
toxic. It came to the point where that regular folks that just wanted to watch the stream and have
small talk about they  were watching were just bombarded with racist and pornographic gifs. This is
what brought the creation of the WatchWrestling Discord Server: https://discord.gg/Q9mX5hQ

With the addition to the Discord Server, I wanted to learn about user management at the website level,
so I started what would be my largest web project today, Matches. In short, it lets you bet and rate
on wrestling matches that are added for points. Each season starts and ends on WWE's WrestleMania,
and a leaderboard is kept to show the user's rankings and stats. I created various  scripts that
scraped webpages to help populate wrestler data I was storing. After spending time creating a
database with various tables and procedures that worked with each other, I wanted other to join the
site. I didn't want to advertise my website because I felt it was crappy and I didn't want to be
that type of person. So I starting reading about how to create a Discord bot.

The WatchWrestling Discord Server is still alive with a small group of casual members that have stuck
around through it all. It was because of these members that I stuck around and decided to create the
Discord bot - again, because  I was too lazy and stubborn to use any bot that was out there. Plus I
really wanted to learn how  it all worked. Honestly, it was a fun learning experience, but there came
many times where I figured I  should just throw it all away. I just had to remind myself that this
should be a fun project and nothing more.

There is still much I need to improve on when it comes to programming. But overall, this was a great
learning experience. Thank you for your time if you made it this far.